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Captain Bill’s, Thursday, February 7, 2013

I was looking back at old posts and menu features and realized that we haven’t offered Amberjack since August.  I have to apologize, because this fish is so good that you should have the opportunity to eat it as often as possible!  Amberjack have a fantastic flavor due to the fact that they eat crabs, calamari and other shellfish.  They are meaty and delicious and we are going to enhance that flavor by marinating the fillets in a citrus marinade and then grilling them to order.

If Amberjack isn’t for you, how about Bay Scallops sauteed with Crimini Mushrooms and tossed with linguine and a pesto cream reduction?  This is probably our most popular pasta feature and one bite will tell you why.  One of the waitstaff actually squealed when I said we were going to offer the scallop pasta this weekend.

Our Fish Fry options this weekend are Haddock with a Capital Weizen Beer Batter and hand-breaded Lake Perch.  The batter on the haddock has a great, light and airy flavor from the wheat beer.  Both are served with steak fries, Cole slaw and tartar as usual and are great for a snowy Winter day.

To finish your meal, we have our normal desserts as well as the fantastic Apple Crisp with Cinnamon Ice Cream, Double-Chocolate Bread Pudding, and, of course, Bailey’s Irish Creme Brulee.


See you soon,

Chef Adam

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